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      AvatarKeith Gardiner

      How much does Kyphosis and forward shoulders effect Lumbar Lordosis?

      I’ve been smashing my anterior deltoid, stretching the delts, and doing lots of band pull aparts lately. My shoulders are less forward, but I also appear to have a more neutral low back and pelvis from this. 
      Just a note: I do lots of anterior hip smashing and band distractions for the glutes. I initially saw a huge impact from this but progress towards a more neutral low back and pelvis had seemed to stall out until I started working on bringing my shoulders back to a better posture. I also have made an effort to sleep on my back for most of the night.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Good to hear you are seeing improvements with your shoulder position and a more neutral low back and pelvis as a result of the work you are doing.

      System of systems as one area has better position(s)  things up and/or downstream can improve.
      The degree of impact of  kyphosis and forward shoulders effect on lumbar lordosis can be impacted by cause of the condition and severity of symptoms.

      The plateau with hip smashing and band distractions can happen because you made improvements available and changes in other areas were needed to continue moving toward your goals.
      Improved shoulder position and improved posture have downstream effects.

      Sleeping on your back more of the night is a solid improvement.

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      They are absolutely connected. If the Thoracic becomes extremely kyphotic many times we will see an exaggerated lordosis. The body will make lots of compensations so you can continue to see straight ahead. Glad to hear you are making changes in a positive way!

      MWOD staff
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