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      Well it is looking like I have a quadriceps muscle hernia from running to first base.  I was just wondering if anybody here had to deal with this issue? Basically, I tore the fascia which results in my quad going through creating a lump.  I thought I tore my rectus femoris, but MRI showed no sign of that.  Apparently I can get surgery which closes the tear in the fascia.  Any ideas? 

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      I’ve heard wearing a neoprene sleeve may provide some relief of discomfort.
      Another thing to keep an eye on is the possibility of  nerve entrapment in the area.

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      Nerve entrapment over time?  Or as is?  It is uncomfortable as whenever I contract the area I have a muscle imbalance where a portion of my leg forms a lump and a indent at a certain portion of my quad (top).  If I go hard in a squat I can feel soreness more so (fully engaging the quad).  I gain relieve in the muscle by foam rolling.  

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      It could happen in either situation.
      Were you given any recommendations or plan of action from the doctor?

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      If it bothers me they can perform surgery where they close the tear in the fascia . Is go for rehab and should be fully healed.

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      I am thinking there is a relationship between my quad firing and my glute firing with this leg. 

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      AvatarKris Slaughter

      If you had surgery could you tell me if it took a long time to heal? I have a fascial hernia in my quad also and I play all sports. I pulled it during triple jump and then it healed and came back while running for softball.

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      I did not have surgery.  Seemed liked Kstar didn’t like the idea since its not giving me “pain”.  I was more curious in getting surgery so that it wouldn’t affect other things in the system and cause more problems down the line.  But that didn’t cross his mind it seemed.  I was taking the “pain is a lagging indicator” philosophy, but I guess I don’t have to worry about it.   It is annoying and weird to have the ability to raise my muscle up and down at will.  As Kstar said “is the only reason why you want to fix it because you look like you have a boner poping out of your leg”…  I dunno….Kstar…..hehe…i dont know.

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      AvatarSam Gachupin

      I have a torn fascia of the rectus femoris as well. It happened in 2003 while serving in the Army. I had conventional surgery (they went in and sewed it up) in December of that year which failed shortly after. In February of ’05 I went to a specialist in wisconsin, Dr. Caddy. He was supposed to be the guru of herniation at the time. He went in and wrapped my muscle with 4, 4×8 pieces of gortex mesh. Long story short here we are approaching 10 years and it’s still all jacked up. No feeling between my knee and hip on the exterior, except for ultra sensitive area around my incision. Nerves were damaged during the surgeries and it causes extreme pain in around the scar (keys in my pocket feels like a knife against my leg). Not to mention the fact that the mesh tends to itch…which I obviously can’t get to. To be honest I was better off before the 2 surgeries.

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      I guess it depends on how it felt before surgery.  There is no sharp hot nervy pains for me.

      it is interesting how hard it is to sew it back up.  
      Thanks for your perspective though.
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      AvatarGary Moody

      My 17 year old son has this and it’s causing him significant pain. We can’t find a doctor in Canada to help us. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the US?


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