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      Just looking to see if there is any kind of San fran crossfit style of solving this issue.  Obviously, I am going to my local doctor and tackling this issue myself, but I am paying for this site and I might as well see if anybody has any advice.

      Essentially two years ago, I ran to first base very hard resulting in a pop sound in which I could barely put pressure on my leg and walk.  There was a large ache and pain in the middle of my quad, but the pain went away in a week.  I started noticing that a large lump was shown through my leg when I flexed my quad.  I went to a sports doctor, he wanted to see me move and basically said it was scar tissue.  He told me to go to to a PT doc which I did not do.
      Two years later I think its starting to bother me in the way that i feel weak where the large achey pain was.  Weak enough where I think my knee is wobbling.  I have been foam rolling my brains out, but nothing is better then when someone uses theres hands on it.  I am guessing if I get a steady and consistent amount of massage from a therapist that it will take away the scar tissue……Any other kind of advice am I missing?
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      For breaking up scar tissue you may want to  locate an ART in your area.
      There are most likely some kind of adhesions in the area as well.
      Are you seeing improvements with what you have been working on?

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      what is an ART

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      ART= Active Release Technologies
      One technique used to address scar tissue

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      Massage didn’t really do anything.  I am getting a referral for PT, but my doc said it looks like it could of been a tare.  

      Doing banded distractions puts the lump back in its place, but as soon as I flex the lump moves from the mid quad to high quad and you can see that its being pulled from my knee or perhaps just above my knee.  
      So does that sound like there was a partial tare and I am able to pull my muscle up because it is not completely attached?  Am I doomed?
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