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      So I after 2+ years of knee pain, I was finally diagnosed with osteoarthritis. That is a whole other thing. I do still find relief from the mobility exercises, particularly the couch stretch and smashing. Obviously, the smashing can be painful, but I will get to a certain extremely tight (bowstring like) area near the knee/patella pouch that gets a shooting pain that seems to wrap around the inside of my knee all the way down my leg. Its very quick because I can’t help but react and remove the weight/smashing. Are there any nerves in that part of the leg as it almost feels like that or like an electric jolt.

      Does anyone else experience this or is this something I just need to keep working on and it will eventually work its way out incrementally as I become more mobile and utilize correct form?
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      The general rule here is “if it feels sketchy, it’s probably sketchy”. Don’t ignore any pain that you interpret as nerve-like. Working upstream and downstream of the problem area can help, or just change the angle/pressure so that it doesn’t feel sketchy. But don’t go into the pain cave and hurt yourself.

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