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      AvatarRyan Geary

      I’m a practiced 100kg Oly lifter: I’ve had a gnarly right quad for 5 months now.  I can train close to heavy when I’m really warmed up: few pistols, 140kg front squats, olympic lifts, etc.  but I’ve not been able to get stronger/ up my lifts because I am always minding this quad pain.  I’m doing all of the banded quad/psoas/abdominal/oblique/glute/low back type smashing/stretching for months.  Sometimes a super couch superset with supernova to the gut for 10 min and a good long quad foot smash seems to heal it (stop the pain) but it’ll be back the next day.

      The whole quad feels wrong, just like the IT band, and the upper glute area and occasionally the knee.
      Wrapping the knees seems to help in training, but I know it will hurt later.
      I hate first thing in the morning, rolling out of bed, putting my feet on the floor and standing in pain.
      I feel like I have just 80% capacity and for me to progress I need 99+
      Any ideas what is wrong/ what I else I can do, etc, please!?!  I’ve been trying everything for months – I’ve used Mobility WOD for the past year to cure everything else!
      Last week I did something very rare for me and drank 2 bottles of wine one sitting (I’m a big guy, can still function with that, just don’t do it much) and had to walk a long way for a cab.  After drinking that there was absolutely zero pain – don’t know if this is relevant at all!
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      Sounds like it may be time to see a doctor to identify exactly what is going on.
      Wrapping your knee when training address the symptom, but is not addressing the cause of the pain which is why the pain returns.
      If you are working on things each day and not seeing improvement then you are not hitting the areas that need attention.
      By drinking the wine you accessed more of your parasympathetic nervous system which causes you to relax.

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      AvatarRyan Geary

      I appreciate your response Kaitlin – does look like I need a rethink, I’ve been trying to work in new ways to see how that affects the pain.  If I find out whats going on, I’ll post up to try and help others.

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      AvatarMatt Buchholz

      Hello James, go to you tube and watch ” SuperDtv REHAB IT Band Acting Badly! “. Perhaps this technique will help you.

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      I agree with Kaitlin, it’s probably time to seek out a professional. One thing I would recommend based on the fact that aggressive supernova and quad smashing helps is dry needling. This is basically a very direct technique that work on nasty trigger points that may have developed over a long period of time. What area of the country do you live? I may know a colleague in your area that I could recommend.
      Take care,
      MWOD Team Member
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      AvatarRyan Geary

      Jorg – looks interesting!  I’ll try that this coming weekend and let you know.

      Danny, I’m in London, England I would like to think that I can find someone who can help – suggest away, please, if you know of anyone.  I’ve been seeing a physiotherapist with 20 years experience – who relieves most of the pain temporarily, but can’t find the underlying cause!  I thinlk I’m going to go oe fore monyth on my own trying more things out, but I already know whats going to happen if I see a medical professional:
      I have private medical on top of the NHS (who are awful for sports injuries) but even then, doctors would say:
      “You’re 35 years old and had a complete hamstring re-attachment surgery at 33; yet still you can do pistols for reps, squat nearly double bodyweight, box jump 48″… etc. What are you complaining about? Of course your knees hurt and you get sore!”
      Thing is, these days I’m organic paleo, doing my Mwod daily, training smart, taking an incredible array of supplements and NOT feeling old!  My expectations of myself far exceed most imaginations.  I’ve been training for 20+ years and I know when something is tight and sore or when it’s really wrong.
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