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      AvatarDaryl Thomas

      Hi all,

      I’m new here!
      I hurt my back on Nov 28 and had to go to the ER. Originally I hurt it about a month prior with a violent sneeze but it went away after two or three days, so I didn’t see a doctor. I also have disc bulges in L4-L5-S1 from a long and arduous injury 4 years ago. I recovered completely from that and became a distance runner, never any pain except when I didn’t move or run for more than a week I felt a bit tight. I’m a desk worker and used to have pretty bad posture.

      My question is related to the QL – it seems the main pain comes from the middle trigger points in the left QL, it refers to the L4-L5-S1 area and maybe a bit into the hip, occasionally maybe the leg but it doesn’t seem to be sciatica. I don’t seem to have much inflammation in the discs, the MRI says there’s likely no new disc injury, it could have gotten a little inflamed. My main complaint is really the trigger point. I have tried several things, the tennis ball always brings immediate relief, and my PT massages it. But it never goes away. I treat both sides also. Electro acupuncture was able to get rid of the knot almost entirely but it came back after sleeping with a vengeance and I’m out of ideas.

      We’ve done pelvic alignments (my right side was up and forward I think) and I do them regularly on my own, with a broom, haha. I’m doing core strength work, hamstring stretches, foam rolling everywhere, especially the glutes, it’s practically a full time job. I tried the McKenzie exercises but I’m not such a fan. My spine likes to be straight, not too extended and not too flexed.

      I don’t know what else I could try, maybe myofascial release? Or is there maybe another issue that keeps pulling at the QL, like tight psoas?

      I cannot sit for long yet, but I walk really a lot and it always always helps. Same for running, which I can already do and it also feels so good. But I need to get back to work sooner or later. 🙂

      Thanks so much!

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Welcome Simone
      Are you seeing improvements with the work you are completing?
      Work up and down stream of where you see the issue.
      What are your sliding surfaces in that area like?
      What is your sitting position like?
      A few episodes to check out.
      Episode 192: A Neurodynamic Primer
      Episode 203: De-Laminate Your Posterior Bits
      The QL Is NOT a Bone…Even in THE Matt Chan
      Episode 233: The Ball and Your Back + Space Mountain MWod Part 1

      Episode 15: You Must Defeat The Evil Chair Part 1

      Episode 15: You Must Defeat The Evil Chair Part 2
      Episode 88: Desk Athlete Hip Rescue
      Episode 91: Mobilize In the Position of Death by Chair
      Episode 139/365: Posterior Chain Sliding Surface Business
      Using the small supernova works great.
      Hits things a bit different from a lacrosse ball. Lacrosse ball can work too.

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      AvatarKristi Hogan

      The QL is a secondary back stabilizer. For some reason, it’s working too hard for you.  If you sneezed and it went out, the “discs” are 99% involved. Sneezing increases the pressure around your spine and discs don’t like that. The possibility that you’d strain a muscle sneezing is very unlikely. I also agree, it sounds like referred pain, not sciatica pain.

      Have you had your ranges of motion measured?
      If none of Kaitlin’s episodes help, you should look into a qualified myofascial doctor. You can do a provider search on integrativediagnosis.com.
      Hope this is helpful.
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