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      AvatarNathan Richer

      In some recent videos, Kelly says to smash/release the QLs only after working out.  I have been smashing/releasing the QLs before working out because often they are tight when I get up in the morning and want to work out.  I have not had any bad effects from it – my main workout is with kettlebells and I have not had any problems with bracing or similar after ball smashing them before the workout.

      What is the potential problem with working the QLs before a workout?  Not able to generate enough bracing due to newly loosened muscles?  Thanks!
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      AvatarTravis Wyant

      it’s more of a sympathetic v’s parasympathetic system thing.

      releasing the neuromuscular system requires relaxation and it’s a very cathartic activity.

      The reason he talks about doing it after is because once you’re relaxed and activated that parasympathetic system, its then

      1. difficult to get yourself up for your work and activate the sympathetic system, from that relaxed cathartic state

      2. you’ve relaxed the muscle and then potentially hammering it again and making it tonic/tense with the work out.


      I suppose it depends on what your aim is – is it to relax in order to free up for movement like you’re doing, or, is it to release tension and allow the muscle to relax to aid recovery.


      that’s my quick thoughts on it anyway 🙂

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      i like that answer!

      My aim is a little of both.  When I start, I sometimes have some extra tightness in my QLs so I want to remove any unnatural tone before I start.  Then at the end, it’s always nice to get my QLs calmed down which makes for a more comfortable day after…
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