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      AvatarKane Spooner

      I recently purchased Becoming a Supple Leopard on the recommendation of a friend and have realized that I have mobility problems from top to bottom. Shoulders, hips, ankles; I do not have the full range of motion as demonstrated by Dr. Starrett at any point. I’ve worked out for years and gained a modest amount of strength but I’m now sure it’s not anywhere near what it could be if I were moving properly.

      So, I have the book, I’ve joined m|wod Pro, and I’m working through the movement patterns and mobilization drills twice a day. My question is what to do with workout programming in the meantime while I’m trying to address this serious lack of mobility and range:
      1. Should I continue to squat if I’m struggling to do an air squat with proper form?
      2. Should I deadlift if I’m learning the basics of stabilization?
      3. Should I be pressing if I don’t have full shoulder mobility?
      I really hate to stop and “go back to basics” but I’m leaning toward hitting the reset button and starting over with basic movement patterns and slowly working up through bodyweight workouts and light loads before gradually increasing the weight again.
      Any general recommendations on what to do with the rest of your workout program when you finally realize you’ve got basic mobility issues?
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      AvatarKane Spooner

      Looks like I asked my question a couple of pages too soon. I just went through the section on scaling up and scaling down (p. 345, Becoming a Supple Leopard) and it looks like that addresses what I’m asking.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great you found your answer.
      Going back to episode #1 you can go through and learn be introduced to concepts as they were introduced on MWod. Questions on anything let us know.

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