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      AvatarTodd Stotesberry

      Is there anything in the “Fix your _____” programs that isn’t in the monthly subscriptions? I am trying to understand if there is anything to gain by purchasing them over continuing with the monthly subscription.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Yes, the protocols which address a specific area (shoulder for example) do contain aspects which are not included within the monthly subscription. These protocols are a more in-depth look at a specific area and how to approach normalizing your current situation.

      Look at the specific protocols as a supplementation to the virtual mobility coach. They work together to address the mobility piece.
      Less of an either or and more of players on your team or pieces to a puzzle.

      Understanding some reasons the situation developed, desensitizing the the tissue while decreasing symptoms, creating behaviors that optimize your tissues, improving mechanics, and preventing the issue from recurring.

      Aspects within your daily life that impact the situation, mobility tools, breathing, sleep, activity, types of movement variables (tempo, isometrics, warm up etc.) aspects of movement (rotation) are explained. Specific mobility routines for the areas of emphasis and up/ downstream aspects which can impact the situation.

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