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      AvatarGwen Remaley

      I have been working with a great out of the box physio who has been treating my Achilles issues via the tendon guard reflex.  I roll a ball from my big toe to my heel 10x lightly, then curl the toes harder and apply greater force 10x.  I have noticed less cramping in my feet and the Achilles is getting better.

      I was trying some of the bone saw techniques on my musculo-tenidous region of the gastroc/soleus to tendon region and my foot cramped up and splayed my big toe outwards and into a plantar flexed position.  Seems to create the opposite effect of what we have been working on for the tendon guard reflex in which we are to not invoke a cramping response. 
      Upon searching the MWOD archives, I haven’t found any mention of what happens if the foot cramps when doing some of the “smashing” techniques.
      Any thoughts on these primal/primitive reflexes and how to best manage any cramping induced by performing the MWOD techniques or what the cramping may identify?
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      AvatarJonah Buzila


      Do you cramp easily/often in other areas?  Is it common for you to cramp during WODs?

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      AvatarGwen Remaley

      I don’t usually cramp unless I am fatigued during a triathlon or bike race. I am not doing CrossFit but really like the mobility wod exercises.

      My issues relate according to my Physio to primal/primitive reflexes creating hypertonicity in my calves and feet. In particular the foot tendon guard reflex.

      Upon doing exercises where I roll my foot over a ball, my toes do a splay and very active twitching. The goal is to no longer have the toes behave this way.

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