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        A couple of months ago I developed a problem with my right shoulder.  This occurred after performing ring dips.  I have been encountering pain in the back of my shoulder, below the deltoid in any forward pressing movement (i.e. push-ups).  After a few weeks of resting it, I saw little to no improvement. I went to a sports med doc and he performed an ultrasound on my shoulder, and discovered a posterior interior impingement.  I just finished 6 weeks of physical therapy, and while I have some improvement directly after PT sessions, it rarely lasts for more than a day.  I have been replicating as much of the PT stuff as I can at home, performing the exercises recommended to me, and have recently started some of the exercises from the mWod videos to try and get my shoulder sitting in the correct position (recently being the past three weeks).  So smashing my pecs and front delt, distracting the shoulder and using a KB while lying on the floor, those sorts of things.  But I haven’t seen any real improvement yet.  At this point I am considering going back to the doc to have a better look at it, but until, what can I do to try and heal this thing up?  I am at my wit’s end here!

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          If you aren’t seeing improvements with what you are working with you haven’t identified the cause of the situation.
          Pro Episode # 21 – Pro-User Request Friday: Not Seeing The Change? You Need a Systems Approach.
          It may be a mechanics issue vs a mobility issue
          Do you have any tenderness? Pec, sub scap, anterior deltoid, bicep?
          It may take a little time for you to hold the changes in position.
          You are unlearning one thing and relearning another. As with breaking any habit it can take some time.
          How many times a day are you working on this?
          2-3 times a day. Shorter amount of time between sessions is best. Your body needs the reminder/trigger. As this is worked on you will maintain the positions longer.
          Anterior Compartment Smash
          Banded Lateral Opener
          Sub scap
          The 500th Video; Great Sub-Scap Shoulder Smash Drill
          Bubo Barbell Pec/Psoas Smash Quicky or What to Do With Those Bent Barbells
          Anterior Delt Barbell Smash

          T Spine is another to hit
          Basic T-Spine Mobilization
          T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
          T-Spine Plate Smash
          Soft Tissue of the Upper Back

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          AvatarYolanda Hoffman

            Thanks Kaitlin – that is exactly what I needed to hear.  I basically have been doing the exercises once per day, including the stuff the PT has given me.  I did notice tonight a good increase in ROM when I tested after doing some different smash drills.  I will keep at it and up the frequency.  Years of slouching over a keyboard and being a “bench first” lifter have not helped me out at all.

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              Good to hear you are seeing improvements.
              Yes, breaking established habits can be tough and take some time because they are so engrained.
              Being consistent is key and it sounds like you are doing that.
              Episodes that address sitting position. Improving your sitting position is beneficial.
              Improved sitting positioning at the hip and leg will help things up stream (back/shoulders) be in an improved position. You want the whole system to have proper positioning.
              Why Sitting Wrecks Your Mad Hip Action
              Episode 251: High Skilled Sitting/Abdominal Bracing

              Episode 187: Death by Chair. How Much Do Actually Sit?
              Episode 91: Mobilize In the Position of Death by Chair
              Episode 88: Desk Athlete Hip Rescue
              Having a standing position may or may not be an option.
              Episode 274: The Standing Athlete

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