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      I had my labrum repaired about three years ago. I was young and dumb and lifted through pain for several years. At one point I dropped barbell, then dropped dumbell, etc. to avoid pain. I ended up sticking with smith machine presses and cables prior to surgery. 

      After surgery, I followed docs orders and completed rehab. I ended up benching 375 in a matter of months (with taking it slow). I switched up my workout for a while and stopped maxing out. While lifting lighter weights I had a problem with some shoulder pain. I was not able to lift at all (back, chest, shoulder, etc.). My shoulder was having a deep pain with a intense pop on occasion. 
      I did PT again including dry needling. After the second dry needling therapy, the pain went away but still had some pain in the front delt area. It gradually got better but some pain remained at the peak of over head position. I would say I got to 95% painfree. The PT finally released me to lift. 
      That pain has come back. I have watched some videos on here but didn’t find them too useful or germaine to my issue. Anyone have any stretching or other exercises that may help with this issue? 
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      Has anyone looked at your technique and mechanics for the skills?
      It may not be a mobility issue it could be a technique/mechanics issue. Especially where it is something that returned from before.
      You addressed the symptoms of the issue and had improvements for some time, but without addressing the route cause of the problem it hit a point where your body isn’t able to buffer the deviations in technique.
      Did it ever return to 100%? before it reoccurring?

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