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      AvatarAndre Sheremetiev

      Hello All,

      My PT believes that I have some sort of Posterior Tibialis dysfunction, tendonitis, etc… Symptoms are a sort of sandpaper/grainy like feel on the inside of, both, my left and right ankles. I appear to have poor arches, on both feet. I, immediately, went and purchased some quality orthotics and new quality shoes. My questions are, as follows:

      1.) Do I have to wait for the discomfort to subside, entirely, before starting The Ready State ankle protocols?
      2.) Can I still do my weight training routines, and yoga sessions, while the discomfort is still prevalent?
      3.) Which exercise types should I stay away from, and which can I continue to do, while I’m working to recover from the issue.
      4.) Once healed, what’s the best way to prevent the issue from re-occurring in the future?

      Thank you, in advance!

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Hi Andre,
      Have you seen the Rebuilding Your Feet Episodes in the VMC archive or on the Ultimate Running Series videos 11-13.

      You can begin working on the ankle episodes, or the foot & ankle mobility challenge.
      If something aggravates the symptoms I’d take a break from those activities. If it doesn’t aggravate it you can do it.
      I would stay away from exercise types that aggravate your symptoms.
      Staying on top of maintenance and checking in with the area.
      As your feet get stronger that will help.
      Resolving what caused the situation is an important part. As long as the cause is present the symptoms will return.

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