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      Hey all!

      I’ve noticed for a while now, that despite being right handed, my right upper trapezius is notably smaller than my left. Additionally, I have a hard time consciously recruiting the right side. It doesn’t seem to stop me from lifting heavy (currently doing starting strength) or doing BJJ. (yet).

      I definitely have issues with my t-spine and neck, which I’m working on. Is it possible this issue is something that will resolve through recovered mobility throughout the neck, t-spine and shoulders, or is it probably just something that I have to live with (i.e. permanent nerve damage)?

      Some background – I was a top level fencer (right handed) and have suffered a catastrophic armbar that busted my elbow and my shoulder during a bjj comp. Maybe these things could have contributed.

      I work at a PT clinic and have access to various kinds of tech, though my boss didn’t really have a good answer for me as she primarily works on joint replacements in the very elderly.

      Thanks for any input guys.

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      I suspect it might be an entrapment or injury to the spinal accessory nerve.

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      Neck, t spine, and shoulder restrictions can impact the trap and its ability to perform.
      Your left side may compensate for the right side if there are restrictions or something that you may not have been aware was happening.
      Yes resolving the restrictions at the neck, t spine, and shoulder can impact your traps ability to perform.
      No I don’t think it sounds like something that can not be improved with the correct attention. I have had nerve regeneration in my quad and proper function is returning as it is addressed. It can take time which mine has, but it is improving.

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