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      AvatarJeff Parker

      Woke up a little early this morning so I decided to do a little “couch” stretching against the high side of my plyo box. 

      I generally begin with a minute per side to loosen up and then go for 2 minutes per side and then (sometimes) 4 per side…just so you know that this certainly isn’t the first time I’ve performed this stretch. 
      This morning, though – while squeezing my left glute and pressing my hip forward – I felt a POP, POP sensation in the front of my quad about halfway in between my hip insertion and my knee. No pain. Just POP. It has been several hours now and even now it doesn’t hurt…it just feels a little bruised deep in the tissue, if that makes sense. 
      Searching online, I read an article that said this could have been muscle sliding surfaces previously “stuck” together suddenly popping loose from one another…and then tons of other articles saying that something major (may have) happened. That said, all the others discuss immediate pain, swelling and warmth – of which I have none. 
      A little more background…the knee on this leg is generally “pissed” most of the time. I have worked very hard over the past few months to get some terminal knee extension in that joint and while I do have it – the knee is still prone to swelling if I overwork it. My squat technique is good. I don’t heel strike when I run. My box jumping is sound. My jump roping is sound. The interesting thing about this is that I have had some immediate knee relief since this happened this morning…although there is still swelling (I have worked the crap outta my legs this week) on either side of the lower part of my knee cap, there’s still less of a stiff feeling…
      It feels better. 
      Anyone have any similar experience? I have had my knees x-rayed by a doctor in the past and he says there is scar tissue in there but nothing out of the ordinary…
      Thanks in advance for any info you can share! 
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      AvatarJeff Parker

      It hurts my heart that no one wants to play with me 🙁

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      I get a lot of “pops” doing mobility work. With me it’s just “adhesions” letting go that have been in place for a long time, most the result of old injuries. Sometime people close to me can actually hear them let go. I never get any lasting discomfort from them breaking free though.

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      AvatarJeff Parker

      Good deal…I just scared me a little at first since I’d never heard anything like that coming from deep within my muscle. 

      Sadly, I had never done any real mobility work until I found this site 6ish months ago…so I’m overcoming quite a few obstacles along the way. 
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