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      AvatarJason Graham

      Hi guys,

      I’m new to the mobility wod experience and I’m still learning, so please bear with me. I’m just at the beginning of my journey. This post is about getting a name for the elbow problem. Perhaps I can manage anyhow, it’s just the mental itch of not knowing.
      I have an elbow pain (in both arms) that’s been bugging me for about a year now. The professionals? Oh, I’ve seen them all this year. Nobody has come up with a solution. 
      Experimental cures (pre mobility wod): I have stayed away from bicep-isolating exercises, rested, used light weights, stretched the biceps, eaten anti-inflammatories, rested again, used light weights again. 
      Symtoms: Hurts when loading the elbows (almost) fully bent. Pressing vs. Pulling doesn’t really matter, but I feel that pulling (as in biceps curl), with wrists externally rotated is worse than pressing.
      Loads that want to externally rotate the elbow joint at the same time (force across the fore arm as in flies), well, it hurts like ****. (I can’t really use my biceps to stabilize… eh.) 
      Diagnostic experiments (as in self-performed weird ones): 
      1. The “bodybuilder biceps-flex pose” (or whatever they call it) tend to provoke pain. That is: arms raised, shoulder externally rotated, wrists externally rotated, elbows bending somewhat more than 90 degrees, biceps flexing.
      2. I bend the elbows with the hands flat against my chest and the tumbs pointing out to the sides (as in the end position of a biceps curl except the fist). Then I lay myself on the floor, trapping the the forearms between the rib cage and the floor. The forearms are pressing agains the rib cage with thumbs out. Now – if I wiggle the wrist into deeper external rotation – Terrible sharp pain. Absolutely terrible.
      What do I name this? Golfers elbow?
      And there it is. My first ever post on mobility wod. Hopefully the worst. 🙂
      Have a nice day! 
      Best regards from Sweden,
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      AvatarJason Graham
      Thank you Kaitlin,
      I did some work with the voodoo band yesterday and it’s just painfully awesome.
      !!Today I completed a workout with almost no pain at all!!
      I can’t thank you enough. The only thing I’m regretting is that it took me a full year to find you guys.
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