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      Granted, I know that ankle flexibility is very important in the pistol squat among other things, but I am also curious how much a roll strength plays in this too.  In fact, I wonder if they have a connection with each other and perhaps maybe I am focusing too much on my flexibility rather then my strength in this position as well. 

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        A pistol brings in several factors mobility, balance, strength
        If you don’t have the strength to move your bodyweight out of the bottom of the pistol its not going to work.
        If you are limited by ankle or hip mobility that will play a role.
        Yes there is a connection between strength  and ankle mobility.

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        AvatarMartin Repcek

          There is definitely a connection. If you can’t get into the position you can’t activate, thus strengthen, the muscle fibers to get you out of the position. Using a TRX you can kind of work on strength and flexibility at the same time. I would prioritize on flexibility. 

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            Are you able to create the bottom position of a pistol?

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            I can create it.   I am thinking jumping rope might help as well as using a band to get into the position?  I am wondering though, if I have full ankle ROM will I be able to get into the position or will my strength limit me as well.  

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              Not having full ankle rom will impact your ability to to do a pistol.
              If you have a stable bottom position of a pistol that is a start.
              If you are not able to create a strong stable bottom position you will not be able to perform a pistol.
              If you are missing ankle rom mobilize at the position of restriction.
              Another impacting factor could be your hip mobility.
              Squat Quick Test: Is it your Ankles or Hips?
              Episode 320: Epic Pistol 10 Min Squat Test

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              AvatarBreeann Keogh

                I can happily do pistols on one leg, while on the other I just keep falling on my ass when I reach the bottom position.
                I am working my mobility since almost two years now with little success.
                Tried everything: foam and ball rolling on foot and calf, stretching, mobility exercises with band distraction, and voodoo floss.
                Keeping falling on my ass unless I carry a weight in my hands to counterbalance the weight. So frustrating.

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                  Can you do rolling pistols on that leg?
                  Have you done skill work on that leg?
                  I would go through Carl Paoli’s pistol progressions from the Gymnastics WOD
                  There are different sets of progressions here.

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