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      AvatarJason Evans

      Couple years ago I was riding a bike 150 miles a week. One day I had a pain in my right arse cheek, right about mid level. That pain turned into crippling pain in my right leg along with numbness and weakness in my right leg. Tried 3 docs. Finally a PT diagnosed me with Piriformis Syndrome and treated me with exercise, astym, electric shock, heat, ultrasound, etc for a month. Took about 9 months to be totally pain free.

      Last few weeks I’ve been reading Supple Lepard and addressing some low back issues by smashing with a lacrosse ball, sitting in a squat position, couch stretching and focusing on good barbell back squat form, especially external hip rotation which was missing from my squat in the past.

      The last two days I’ve been having mild Piriformis type pain in the same arse cheek as before. I’m afraid I’m about to have another round of intense sciatica. What can I do to hopefully prevent this from happening? It was brutally painful the first time and I really don’t want to deal with this again! Need some advice here. Thanks!

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      AvatarStephen Anglin

      Forget stretching. Deep massage everything from your lower spine down. If you are naturally stiff it will take atleast 2 years of consistent work. If you pay someone to do it, you are losing valuable time.

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      Working through something can be a process.
      As you get one thing back to where it should be you may see other things show up that were compensating for the first thing being out of place. Go to work on those.
      Were you given a cause for the issue when it happened the first time?
      Have you looked up stream and down stream of where you are seeing the issue?
      When do you have the pain or restriction in movement?
      Some could be tied to how you are breathing.
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