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      AvatarFred Cruz

      this past Saturday i did a 14.5 mile spartan beast. i wore a pare of invo8 195 and had no pain or issues with my feet. the next day however my right foot around the peroneal are started to get a little pain. know it has been one week and the pain has worsened and there is now swelling and darkening of the skin and tightening through my ankle. i have been icing but i was not sure if i should start to stretch or do anything else to it. i can walk around on it even do crossfit with it with some discomfort but still feel stable on it. im not sure if this is a strain and not anything to worrie about or if i should go and have it looked at. what do you guys think, i have never had ankle issue before but i have had a small mass removed from this same ankle years ago but have not had any issue from that.

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      Are you seeing any improvements with this situation?
      Sounds like a situation that would be beneficial to see a doctor. This is a new situation and does not sound like it is improving.

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      AvatarFred Cruz

      its still feeling bad. iv been going light on it rowing instead of running. no jumping. but still is not better. im going to give it till Monday if not better i will see a doc. i have one month to get better before the police academy so if anyone knows any stretches on anything for that area let me know

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