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      AvatarLeigh Lilla

        Im a runner and have been having issues with my left Peroneal for several months. I took a month off from running completely and came back running slowly. Once again Im having issues with dull pain in that ankle area after 4 weeks of running.

         I did find from a Podiatrist that I have a Neuroma in that foot between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal and that my pain may be associated with altered footstrike due to pain from that. The Neuroma is feeling better after an alochol solution/cortizone shot. The Dr said my peroneal looked good.

        Ive been working on Ankle ROM and smashing the calves and Peroneals. It doesnt hurt to run jump or workout in anyway. I just feel it aching.  Anyone have advice or experience with this?? Thanks

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          Have you had your running technique looked at by anyone?
          What was the cause of the trouble with the peroneal?
          It sounds like a running technique error especially where it came back when you re introduced running.
          Hitting the heel cords?

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          AvatarLeigh Lilla

            I haven’t had any one look at my running technique. I have had a friend video tape me running. Slight heel strike, mild pronator. The cause is likely from my tight calves and shin. I have been hitting the heel cords, sliding surfaces, voodoo band, stretching. I’m beginning to wonder if my neuroma could be causing the pain to radiate back into the ankle.

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            AvatarBailey Martinez

              Have you been using something like “The Stick” or a foam roller on the peroneals?

              Mine are really tight when I do a sitting figure 4 stretch. I’ve told my PT and Dr. about this, and that’s all that they recommended.

              I just got screened by a new PT and he ran a Fibroblaster tool over the area. It lit up with red blotches all over the place. He said those were lesions between the fascia and the muscle that were restricting movement and getting in the way of the sliding surfaces.

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              AvatarLeigh Lilla

                I have used the stick but not often. I’ll use the peanut and the supernova to get in between the muscle and the tibia.

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                AvatarNathan Richer

                  my personal peroneal favorite is the lacrosse ball. sandwich your lower leg with one on the bottom and one on top to hit both peroneals and posterior tib!

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                  AvatarLeigh Lilla

                    Update: not really any pain under my ankle but there’s soreness on the top of my foot and it radiates up the peroneal longus muscle. Dead center of the muscle is quite sore so I’ve been smashing with the LAX ball. I am also using the voodoo band. Is it helpful that far up the leg to use the voodoo band?

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                      If the voodoo band is helping then keep doing it.
                      Have you done any stacking?
                      Hit the anterior tib?
                      Daily Rx May 8 should help address the top of your foot.

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