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      AvatarHawley Waldman

      hey guys i have had some trouble with my hips for some time now, both groins and top of the quads seem to get inflammed when squatting deep or in deep flexion, i have been to the physio and seen a hip specialists and seem to have some form of hip impingement, the pain comes on when i am led on my back and somebody puts my knees to chest and adds pressure this really brings on the pain.

      ive had an x ray on it and all my bones are in the right place etc no pelvic tilt but i cant get the pain to go away. i tweaked my back deadlifted a while back and ever since then i think my pelvis goes down further on my right side than my left when squatting my quite a bit. 
      the physio stated that my hip flexors are weak and that they are collasping under load but i dont think thats the problem! any advice from anybody because this injury is really holding my athletic potential back so much!! 
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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey James,

      If impingement is the issue, the banded mobilizations for the bottom of the squat and deadlift could be particularly helpful. These will help get the head of your femur gliding backwards in the hip socket as it rolls, so it won’t roll forward and pinch up your precious soft tissues.

      The audio’s a bit messed in this episode, but it’s a good demo of the banded hip flexion pieces.

      Episode 262: Hip Flexion Case Study and Mob Rx part 2

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      AvatarHawley Waldman

      great thanks for the reply! the x ray came out clear so i think this is clearly a mobility issue and too much sitting in the past! is there any other videos which will benefit me? the groin area seems to get inflammed after heavy exercise 

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      Eric SurberEric Surber

      I had a similar issue, still do to an extent, I really had to roll out everything from my lower ribs to my pelvis on anterior and posterior sides… It was so tight is was pulling it higher.. And my hammy was tight on the higher side… Took about a month to clear it up

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      AvatarAmine Bennani

      Something to think about.. Adductors act as hip flexors and extensors. I have the same problem. One of the things that help me is to mash my inner thighs and do hamstring floss. Adductor a make it hard to get good external rotation in the hip which help create room for hip flexors.

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