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      I tweaked my bad shoulder enough that I thought I had really done myself an injury. My OD told me today that it was Pec Minor Syndrome. In our discussion we covered my first rib and scalenes. It is great to have a doctor who doesn’t immediately turn to surgical consults or drugs!

      My reading appears to indicate that an overly-tight Pec Minor can cause problems from the lats to the scapula to the shoulder joint movement. Is this correct? Am thinking about adding trigger-point massage to my mobility work for that area…is that a bad idea? 

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      You are a system of systems so yes it could be a cause.
      Trigger point may be something to add to what you are doing.
      Jeff Alexander has a great site with alot of information available

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      Here is one video that will show that pec minor some love. It hurts so good.

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      Thanks – I will try this! I’ve been searching the site but didn’t come across this video.

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