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       After watching the Daily RX for July 2 I started working with my peanut, and then the Gemini on my pec minor – I already know it is crazy tight/short. When I applied pressure with my fingers part of my hand/fingers went numb and partially swollen. 

      I did some work with the peanut in that location and triggered some pain in my deltoid where I’ve been having a lot of referred pain and after I stopped I could feel more tension in the back of my shoulder (more referred stuff I am sure) – so it does seem like I’ve hit the right area. I assume there isn’t another way to free the short/tight pec minor so am trying to not go too deeply into the pain cave. Are there other ways to work on the pec minor?

      BTW, the second mob in that video is what finally freed me up for front squatting, at least at light loads. It works!
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      I have some constant tingling/numbness in my left hand which I’m pretty sure is caused by my tight pec minor on that side. (Might be tight bicep problem too) Looking at the anatomy at it looks like the nerves run under the pec minor. You might be compressing the nerves. Try coming at it obliquely by laying on your side or leaning into a door jam with the Gemini. 

      Doing some scapula mobilizations may help too. I seem to have a tight pec minor, tight neck, and scapula issues all on the same side and I’m pretty sure it’s all related. I think where was a DailyRx recently where KStar briefly touched on the interconnections in this area.
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      I’ve a damaged neck (whiplash – mountain bike injury), and a jacked left shoulder complex – the pec minor involvement was just discovered. Every day I spend at least 15 minutes on scap/t-spine-lats and have done so for some time now and have seen some improvement. I do also have thoracic outlet syndrome which doesn’t help.

      Yesterday I had tried to apply the Gemini while lying on the ground, that was rather…awkward but I did seem to hit the right spot. I will try a more oblique approach. Wasn’t there a recent Pro episode where Kelly and someone else was working with a female athlete for the same thing using a peanut and yoga block against the wall? I will go look for that again.
      I’ve applied some KT tape which does seem to help, but of course that is just a stop-gap measure.
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