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      Hey guys, rather long post here, but I wanted to give out a little more details in hope that someone might be able to help me out.

      I’ve been having knee pain when going down stairs or landing when I jump for the past 1.5 years. The sports doctor diagnosed me with patellofemoral pain syndrome.

      I don’t recall having an injury that caused this, so I figured it was due to wear & tear while jumping with wrong mechanics(using my knees) for years. 

      I went through 2 physios and an osteo. The physios diagnosed my pain due to me not utilizing my hips, so I’ve done stretches and mobilized my hips but progress was incredibly slow. I’d always feel pain & tight knee cap after some light basketball. The osteo diagnosed my pain due to my foot being externally rotated way too much so I’ve been working on getting it internally rotated back to balance it out.
      Lately I THINK I might have figured out what was the cause of it. Months before the knee pain, I sprained my ankle during basketball. Normally my sprains are inversion sprains, but this was an eversion sprain. After the sprain, for whatever reasons, my ankle has limited ROM and is not able to dorsiflex fully. In order to compensate, my knee started going inwards(knee valgus) when I squat for better ROM, my foot externally rotated to keep my knee going in a forward direction, my foot arch collapsed, and this was the cause of my knee pain(or so I think). I’ve tested it out: If I maintain my arch, foot straight & keep my knees tracking straight towards my toes, there is almost no pain in my knee.
      So my next step is: How do I go about fixing my ankle?
      I feel something is off, as the bone at the outside of my ankle feels really “sharp” when I flex my foot inwards. This isn’t the case for my other ankle. The “sharp” feeling bone:
      It’s difficult to describe but it feels as if my tibia is internally rotated or coming down at an angle, causing the arch to collapse and the weight to be beared mostly at the inner part of my foot. (also that portruding bone when flexing). Easier seen in pics:

      Is there a possibility that it is misaligned and I need to “pop” it back in? Or is it purely from lack of range of motion and I need to keep working on drills for full range of motion?
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