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      AvatarChad Martin

      Hi all, Ive been suffering from pain just below my patella in my right knee whenever I Squat deep for about 5-6 months now. I had been training hard squatting and olympic lifting in the lead up to the injury and was having some minor pain in both knees. I did a standing broad jump which pushed it over the edge. At the time i backed off deep squats for a month but that didnt help the problem and have been seeing a PT which focused on eccentric leg extensions and squats but without significant improvement. have invested in voodoo bands but waiting on their arrival. Please help!!!

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      Like Kaitlin says, voodoo bands are a good investment. Video tape your squat and watch your knees. There is a chance you are leading with your knees and loading the patellar tendon maximally before you descend. Along with using the band, make sure to smash your quads side to side over a softball or foam roller or have someone do it for you with their foot while you lay on your back. Start just above the patella work your way up.

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