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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      I’ve had this issue in my right knee for a couple of years – Pain above the knee cap which comes on with any flexion of the knee. In the last few months I’ve worked on fixing my squat and stopped initiating with my knees and getting the proper load sequencing. Since then the pain has greatly improved in my right leg, but has popped up worse in my left leg, which was fine before.
      I’m finding it hard to find anything which gives me long term relief or that starts to cause overall improvement to the pain.
      I’m voodoo flossing regularly at the moment and that does help with the pain temporarily but I haven’t seen an long lasting relief as yet or any marked improvements.
      I’ve seen a osteo and he’s the one who diagnosed patellar tendonitits (which is what I’d suspected anyway). He told me to do some dynamic stretching of my quad and hams as well as self massage of the quad, which I’ve been doing.
      Compression of the area does help with the pain during activity and I’ve been wrapping my knees when I deadlift (haven’t squatted for weeks as its too uncomfortable)
      I play rugby and I know that that the running and changing of direction doesn’t help, and the pain is worse after a training session or match.
      It also intensifies if I sit with my leg straight for a length of time and when I bend my knee up again, it almost feels as if its seized up. It’s the same if I stay in flexion for any time.

      Has anyone got an idea of another angle I can attack this from? Or another area I could look at for the source of the problem?


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      Have you identifies what is causing the patella tendonitis?
      Until this is determined and addressed different symptoms will continue to show up.
      You haven’t seen long tern relief because the cause isn’t being addressed.
      Has anyone looked at your running technique?
      The cause could be a deviation from proper running technique.
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      AvatarDana Littrell

      I’m having a similar issue just now. Had a surgery on right knee a year ago. Since June added some volume on Oly lifts and squats. Did a lot of stretching to open my hip (super squat, anterior hip openers with a band). Had some minor knee pain in both knees, that disappeared after warm up, but got worse an hour or so after the workout, so walking stairs was very uncomfortable. two weeks ago it got much worse, knees began to swell a bit on lateral sides (where the main pain came from), so I stopped squating and any sort of jumping or Oly to give them a rest.  I found this two vids helpful

      Did a lot of  TFL  and glute smashing with lax ball, and rolled and smashed the shit out of my rectus femoris. I suppose it helped,as for now right knee (operated one) almost doesn’t hurt but left still does a bit. So I also don’t know can I incorporate squating and Oly back or should I let the knees rest some more.
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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      Kaitlin, thanks for your reply. To be honest, no, I haven’t had anyone look at my gait and its probably not going to be an option for me so I’m going to have to try and self analyse it perhaps? I think that something abut my running technique could be the problem as running in training is the only sort of ‘leg work’ I’ve been doing due to this pain.
      I’ll have a look through the videos you suggested a bit later and have a go at figuring it all out.
      Thanks again.

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      You can video tape yourself running and upload the video to you tube.
      You can post the link or message me the link.

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      AvatarGio Fitzgerald

      Hey Kaitlin, yeah that would be great. I’ll try and get something done this weekend and send it across.
      Will it matter that straight forward running wont be a true representation of what I’m normally doing? I don’t do a lot of ‘normal’ running as its usually part of training/matches where there’s a lot of changing direction and speeds etc.


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      Correct running form is the starting place.
      Establish a skill foundation.
      Once the skill of running is established the skill can be brought to the situation/conditions you perform under.

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