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      Jens KallgrenJens Kallgren

      I’ve been having an issue with my shoulder for a few months now. If I move it to the outside or up it gets tight and sometimes painful. If I try to lift my shoulder feels weak (that’s the best way to describe it). If I do any type of pushing activities even in my bed it will hurt. If I lay on it in my bed it hurts. I had it x rayed and it was clear. Dr said it’s a strain and gave me exercises to do. I’ve been doing them for 2 months and there’s been no change.
      For a few weeks I’ve been having neck pains as well. If I move my head to the left I have pain and tightness on right side. It feels like a pulled muscle. When I lay down I have bad neck pains all over my neck to the point where if I don’t take a muscle relaxer I wake in agony and can’t go back to bed. I am unable to use any of my pillows. I have to use a flat pillow to not make my neck hurt. If I use a pillow even from a few months ago I’ll have awful pain.
      I had a massage 2 weeks ago and the therapist said my shoulders, neck, and upper back are very tight. I am not sure if this is causing my issues and if so how to deal with it. Anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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