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      AvatarTara Makrigiannis

      So I’ve been having an issue especially lately when I squat.  I do a lot of sitting in my job so I try to spend time opening up the front of my hips.  That being said I am having pain right above my knee when I initiate an air squat or back squat or any movement involving hip flexion.  I notice it when trying to drive through my heels  out of the bottom of the squat.  I am still able to squat I just typically favor that side and end up driving off of the side that doesn’t bother me.  I feel like this problem starts with my glutes being weak and anterior hip being tight causing my quad to not work properly.  I don’t know if I am just losing tension in my core and overextending causing my hip flexors to work extra or what???


      Currently I am smashing my hip flexors with a yoga tune up ball, smashing my flexor wad on the side of the hip, couch stretch, and some glute strengthening exercises….all of this provides temporary relief but is yet to solve my problem.  Has anyone else experienced similar issues or have any advice on what I need to be doing?  Thanks

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      You may be leading a bit with the knees when you squat. Any time I have people with knee pain while squatting I head to the box squat just at or slightly below parallel and see if they can keep their shins vertical as they sit back deep into the squat. Smash the quads side to side just above the knee cap to about mid way up as well. Some voodoo flossing above the knee cap may be helpful as well. But as always check your squat pattern first with the box squatting before you decide if you knee to do any of the soft tissue work. 

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