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      AvatarLeo Marks


      First apologize for my english, in France we are know to have problem to learn other language 🙂 So I will do my best. 
      As I said in the tittle, I fell pain when I receive my bar when I am on bottom position during the snatch. 
      I try to analyse my position and movment. here it is what I have find:
      – I have an internal rotation very limited
      So when I do my snatch, I compensate with a pro-traction of my scapula and I have some trouble to fix it back for receiving and havin a good external rotation. 
      And maybe it’s related I don’t know. I have some trouble to keep my torso upright in snatch receving, and it’s a hard job to keep external rotation when I am in the bottom position (overhead squat, snatch press on bottom position, …) so I feel my arm do an internal rotation and I loose the control or feel pain. 
      My question are: 
      – is this kind of pain familiar for someone of you? 
      – what do you suggest to enhance my external rotation in the bottom position?
      Thank you
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      AvatarTerry Hunter

      Hi Matthieu,

      The good news is that there are quite a few things you can do, the bad news is that there are probably quite a few things you need to do. 🙂

      Take a look through the free Mobility project episodes (http://www.mobilitywod.com/episodes/), or better yet, subscribe to the Pro offfering (http://www.mobilitywod.com/mwodpro/).
      You can search/filter by joint, movement, tissue and several other criteria, although not all videos are tagged for filtering yet.

      The snatch/overhead squat is a very comprehensive movement screen so you’re probably looking at several areas in addition to your shoulders. That forward torso for example.
      So probably; Hips (external rotation, movement restriction, eg http://www.mobilitywod.com/2012/01/episode-362-the-hip-demands-of-the-upright-torso/), “core” (thoracic spine, lumbar spine, mobility, bracing, 2 hand rule,), shoulders (external rotation, internal rotation, movment patterns, movment restrictions).
      Lots to look at. Best of all, get the book, sorry to sound like an infomercial. It lays all of this out in a logical way that builds to an overall view of how Kelly sees movement and how to correct issues with it.
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      AvatarLeo Marks

      Thank you for your answer Metric. 

      I follow Mobility Wod project for a while. I bought the book and I sign up for one of the  next seminar. And I have some experience in corrective exercices. 
      I work on my hips, shoulder, legs, spine… I practice mobility workout each day (or almost 🙂 ). 
      I made good progress but I still have this pain on my shoulder and just when I am snatching. 
      So I have trigger point in my infraspinatus, it’s related to my lack of internal rotation… I screen myself a lot 🙂
      I write a comment here in order to have other ideas, other reflexions… Maybe some tests to do to discover something else. Pain make me crazy and I want to PR my snatch 🙂 

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      Did you use to do a lot of bench presses?

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      AvatarLeo Marks

      Hello Johan.
      No I almost never do bench press. For the last year I practiced weigthlifting most of my training time due to the fact it has no box in my town.

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