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      AvatarChris Hess

      I’m experiencing a stabbing pain in the top of my left hand right where my wrist and hand meet, anytime I overhead squat or snatch. To be more specific, it occurs anytime I put pressure on the palm side of index finger which is right where the bar rests when doing overhead squats. It doesn’t take much pressure and hurts when I get my hand in flexion while doing anything from driving a car to closing a door. I’ve had injections in for dequeverians (spelling) and another in the top of my wrist and the pain persists. I’ve used voodoo floss and lacross balls on everything from my wrist all the way up to my shoulder and my xrays are negative for fractures. Only thing I’ve been doing for workouts is squatting, rowing, running, and other things that don’t involve my wrist. I also just started wearing a brace for part of the day and all night. It’s been roughly a month.

      Sorry for being long winded, but I’m out of ideas on what this could be!!
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