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      I’m 22 years old and dealing with chronic pain in both areas.

      I’ll start with my lower body. I have pain in my knees specifically. Any sudden movements or jumping for example brings about a sharp pain in the kneecap. My right leg feels messed up. The right hamstring always feels overstretched and strained and my right quads feel tight. I also feel weakness in the tibiofibular joint. Overall my right leg feels abnormal when walking.

      I also have back pain which also is mostly on the right side. It’s not severe , but it’s sore when waking up and acts up when I sit for too long. I also have pain going up the back in what feels like tightness and sharp pains going up the shoulder blade area. For example if I twist my upper body one way, ill feel pain on that side.

      I began seeing a Physiotherapist about this issue. He told me that my glutes are weak, particularly the glute medius on the right. When contracting, my right side definitely feels weaker.

      He has me doing clam shells and core activation exercises as well as wall squats. On the side, I foam roll my quads, upper back, hamstrings and get into my glutes with a lacrosse ball.

      Has anybody else delt with this issue or does anybody have opinions? Thanks

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      Are you working up/downstream of the issues?
      Are you addressing the sliding surfaces?

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