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      AvatarZachary Mckinney

      Hi, I am reaching out because I have been dealing with a very nagging/stressful pain in the hip capsule for quite some time, which has limited my ability to improve as an athlete and any lift that requires a squatting motion. I am like most in this community in that I have been on a journey researching everything I possibly can looking for answers regarding the pain that I have dealt with. After meeting with Chiropractors and physical therapists the conclusion is that it is essentially a hip bursitis. When the pain initially began if I bumped my hip into something I wanted to just shout because the intense pain. Than when I would go to bed I would have this pain shoot from the hip capsule down the IT band to the knee. To resolve that issue I would stuff a bunch of pillows under my legs to alleviate the pain so I could actually sleep. Thankfully though I have seen tremendous improvement from that point, but since than I have hit a wall in terms of taking it to the next level in terms of lowering pain. Anytime I sit for an extended period of time (Although sometimes only 30 min) I feel an intense pain shoot from my hip capsule down the IT band to the knee. I can only lay on either side for a certain amount of time before feeling discomfort ( Not nearly the discomfort to sitting). As far as exercising goes, I can perform all forms of squats but feel a strain really the entire time I’m under tension from squatting down to squatting back up. But this is the part where it has become limiting on my potential and stressful. Some days it takes a few sets and it’s pretty loose after that and are able to handle loads over 400lbs. Than other days I have the strain feeling the entire time which can cause a huge swing in the amount of weight I can squat. Due to this I have only been able to make small gains as the weight will shoot up for a while than fall way down when it flares up. In terms of exercising the hardest movement by far is the pistol squat because it causes the most strain. The lateral hip opener stretch is the most intense for me as I can only put my legs into the proper position to perform the stretch. If I tilt even slightly I feel a major strain (Not just a muscle tightness) in the hip capsule. One thing I have noticed in general is that the more I externally rotate the hip in the squat the more intense the strain. If I’m lying down on my back than cross one leg over other I feel a strain once my leg has reached about a 30 degree angle (No strain before or after). I would sincerely appreciate any help or advice as I am really wanting to alleviate this issue.

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      Marisa LicataMarisa Licata

      I had an MRI as I was suffering similar pain/symptoms. Showed up a labral tear and some smallish cysts. Not the end of the world, but I may need some arthroscopic surgery at some point to improve things for the short term (next decade!). Worth the money I paid to finally put a name to the issue.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      I have a couple questions, levibeckett:

      1) You keep saying that your hip capsule is what is causing pain. Why do you specify that as the source?
      2) Have you considered refraining from the activities that are provoking your pain until the tissue becomes less iritable?
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