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      AvatarTimothy May

      I just attempted to do Day 1 of the Trial. My efforts proved what I already knew – I really need to do this. While attempting to get into the proper position I experienced tremendous cramping first in my right arch and then when I rotated to the left side I had cramping in my left arch. Cramping in the evening in the arch areas, particularly causing my big toe to pull away from my other toes is not uncommon. This made doing the first WOD difficult.

      I run regularly, about 5 times a week, averaging about 25-30 miles a week. I have pain in my knee, not chronic, but it does flares up, especially if I have overtrained. When I experience the pain in my knees it’s as if a person were taking a knife and stabbing me in the front of my knee.

      I am sharing this because I am not quite sure where I should start. In addition, I want to order one of equipment bundles but I am not sure how to differentiate between them other than by price. Are there additional ways to determine which bundle is the best to start with?

      Thank you for the assist.
      Tim May, Newbie

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Welcome Tim,
      You may need to drink more during the day. Making sure you replace what you sweat out.
      Has anyone taken a look at your running technique? You may be doing something differently when it flares up.
      Also work up and down stream of the knee when mobilizing.

      The Basic Leopard Kit is a great place to start. Lacrosse balls (tape 2 together), resistance stretch band, and rumble roller are used a lot. You can add additional gear as you find you need it. Voodoo floss is another common tool used. There are 2 different types red and black. The gemini and supernova (there are 2 sizes) are great resources to add when ready. Differences between the bundles are the number of items within each.
      Hope this helps

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      AvatarTravis Jewett

      Many times in runners we see a lot of stiffness in the quads and lack of extension at the hip. Running is great exercise, but it isn’t a complete training practice. On top of that, if your work or day to day has you doing a fair amount of sitting, the battle is a bit uphill. You don’t have to go all out into a full couch stretch to start, find a position you can manage and start. Look at smashing the quads a little before you start the stretch and make sure you add some split stance/lunge work to your training.

      TRS Staff

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Travis and Kaitlin are on it. I’d also start adding a pinch of sea salt to your water.
      If your foot cramps, that would be a good place to improve tissue function a bit. Try mobilizing your feet a bit during the day. Also make sure you can breathe in while couching.

      Remember, muscles and tissues are like obedient dogs.


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