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      AvatarBrian DELETE

      Hi all,

      I’m new here and improving mobility isn’t an area I have that much knowledge on so any advice will be appreciated.

      For years I’ve had pretty poor rounded posture that Im currently looking into but I had a bad shoulder injury last year after benching which no one including physios was able to give me a clear answer to what is causing it. From what I have noticed I get really sharp pain in the front of my right bicep when ever Im doing any pushing movements but also curling. My right bicep is also very tight so I believe it maybe from having a tight bicep aswell as poor posture. Does anyone have any recommendations/links to videos on self bicep massaging and improving flexibility.

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      Rounded shoulder position will often lead to shorten structures downstream of the shoulder.

      Remember spine first! Step number one is restore t spine extension.

      Smash the anterior chest structures. While you’re at it.

      Combine that with some heavy farmer carries to help strengthen posture and position. Emphasize retraction of your shoulder blades and extension of the arm so flex your tricep when your carrying heavy things.

      Work upstream and downstream of the problem.

      Voodoo floss and barbell smash the rest of the arm as much as you can take.

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      AvatarBrian DELETE

      Hi thanks for the advice My T spine is pretty poor will focus on that, great advice alot of areas I had over looked. Hopefully you see this message was no option to reply.

      Thanks again

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      Glad to help hope It works for you!

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      AvatarBrian DELETE

      Do you know where I can find any videos on voodoo flossing my bicep. I’ve never seen what voodoo flossing is until today but can’t find any videos on using them on biceps.

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