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      AvatarJames Beatty

      I have had this pain above my knee, pretty much in the middle on the quad tendon for 4 months now. Pain isn’t terrible but I feel it mostly on deeper squats and other normal daily activities. Sitting prolonged doesn’t help much either.

      My Current Regimen:
      -Quad smash the hell out of my rectus femoris
      -Voodoo band above and below the knee (supra patellar pouch work, etc.)
      -Boxing squatting with vertical shins and not initiating from the knees first (with perfect form I still get pain 50% of the time)
      -Lots of couch stretches with and without capsule distraction

      So I have been treating this like patellar tendonitis, but was wondering if this quadricep tendonitis(?) should have any additions? The voodoo flossing provides instant relief, but an hour or two later, the pain creeps back!  I’m not entirely sure that my hip flexors are loosening up either.

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      Mobilizations may need to be repeated throughout the day and for repeated days before your body is able to maintain the changed position for long periods of time. As you work with an area the time the improvements is held will improve.
      Sitting in a less than ideal position for prolonged periods of time can impact what you are experiencing.

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      AvatarTara Makrigiannis

      I have been dealing with this same issue and haven’t completely alleviated it yet.  I have been laying on my stomach with the lacrosse ball right above the knee and shearing back and forth throwing in some tack and floss by pulling my heel to my butt.  Like you it helps for a short period of time but returns later in the day.

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      AvatarLuis Marquez

      Alpha919 and Lance,

      I used to deal with the same thing. Anytime I would squat or lunge/ any leg movement my quad tendon was ON FIRE. It was so bad that it felt like it was going to rip right off at some points. The things that helped me were what you are doing, but what helped the most was getting my hip flexors loose. The couch stretch was numero uno for me but also taking that LAX ball from your patella all the way up your quad to your flexors, tack and stretch all the way. The last thing was dialing legwork back for a week or so and doing the mobility work for 30 min a day for that time. It worked for me,maybe it will work for you!

      Hope it helps

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      AvatarJames Beatty

      Thanks Zach. Can someone explain in detail the contract and relax component of the couch stretch? I want to make sure that I am doing it correctly. To my understanding I should be contracting the back glute and moving my hips forward, following by a release then, repeat.

      Also, I can definitely tell when I’m not diligent on my hip flexor work. I’ve been really hammering  them lately and can notice a difference in reduction of pain.

      Here’s a few other supplemental things that I’ve been doing lately.


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      AvatarTara Makrigiannis

      Thanks Zach I will definitely spend some time on the hip flexors.

      Alpha919 I think that is the correct method for the contract relax for the couch stretch.  I’ve also seen Kelly do a variation where he puts the front foot (that’s not against the wall) on a 45# plate to add a little different area of emphasis on the front of the hip.

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      AvatarLuis Marquez

      Yes that is the correct way to do it.You can also go side to side to get into the corners some as well.

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