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      AvatarLogan Ryan

        What is the best way to address oversupination? It occurs mostly in my left foot during most activities (running, squatting, etc.). During squatting, it helps when I screw my feet (hips) into the ground, but I’ve had difficulty getting my foot into a better position during running. I’ve developed some pain on the top part of my foot in between my 4th and 5th metatarsals. Are there any mobility WODs that could help?

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        AvatarJames Elwin

          Trying using your fingers to massage the tops and sides of your feet. Your peroneals could be tight which is causing the outside of your ankle to become unstable(peroneals help with eversion of the foot). Try mobilizing your shins, calves and ankles and see if that helps. Use the search function and look for videos with the words “heel cords, lower leg bits, ankles” etc. If you need help finding a video let me know.

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