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      Hey MWOD, I have a friend who is overly flexible, probably due to some collagen defect. You guys don’t want to see what he can do with his joints (or is forced to do), e.g. he is unable to straighten his fingers on the joints. Now, probably in consequence of this he has some problems with his hip orientation, and his knee, he is much stronger on his left side and I find, that when he is breathing, he lower left rip is not moving properly. 

      What can he do to improve his positioning, to get rid of all his faults. I am following K-Star now long enough to help people who are tight, but him, I have no idea.
      Help, please.
      Thanks in advance.
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      With overly flexible people the situation is addressed differently based on that factor.
      You may have already seen these if not
      The Hypermobile Amongst Us: Spine Edition
      Mobility, Pregnancy, and the Hypermobile

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