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      AvatarJorge Torres

      got my lacrosse ball and really tried applying it for the first time yesterday.  Ended up doing yesterdays mwod, and then rolled over and hit my supertight pecs and delts. Today, my delt feels much softer (used to feel like a ball of bone).. but it is SORE.  Is that expected at the beginning, or is it more likely that I did something incorrectly?

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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      i have had a massage where i was sore the next day. i assume if the muscle was tight as a bone, then its to be expected.

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      AvatarHeather Moore

      If you started off with a lacross ball, the ball’s density is tough to handle at first. I usually start clients with a tennis ball and have them progress as they begin to adapt or as they seem the tennis ball doesn’t allow as much pressure as they need it to have. Lacross balls are really tough and for the first time, may lead to soreness if not already conditioned by a softer ball.

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      Which type of ball you use can depend on what area of the body you are addressing.
      A lacrosse ball is too hard for some.
      Another solid choice is the yoga tune up ball

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      Avatar[email protected]

      It can happen and you didn’t do anything wrong. If your super tight in an area and you get real aggressive with it just make sure to drink lots of water as this can help with the soreness.

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