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          I’ve had this problem for a while now but didn’t really pay attention to it until now because it starts to really bother me.I feels like it always wants to stay active.I feel it the most when I do dumbbell rows or pulldowns.On my left side I feel the contraction of multiple muscles but on the right I feel it mainly in my lat.It is not only when I train tough, I ” feel it’s presence” when I stand, sit or when I do daily activities, especially when I carry stuff with only one hand.
          Also, i’ve noticed that my right shoulder is unstable in certain positions and I think its caused by this.The symptoms are like those of scapula winging.

         What I’ve done until now is try to change my standing ( and sitting ) position because I noticed that I lean on my right leg ( kinda like this  )
        What else should I do ? Start stretching it ? Should I also stretch my left one too ? Is dead hang ok ?
        What about training ? should I stretch it before so that other muscles can be worked ? and what exercises should I stay away from until it feels better ?

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        AvatarAischa Massey
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          AvatarAischa Massey

            Upon further researching and assessment I don’t think its the actual lat, I Think its some muscle around ( or its actually ) the teres major muscle.Here is a picture

            I sometimes feel the need to internally rotate my arm, I find that odd too.

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            AvatarPatrick Thomas

              Do get hung up on which muscle it is probably a combination.
              The lat is the prime mover of shoulder abduction, shoulder extension, and a strong synergist in internal rotation.
              The lat acts on the scap, spine and pelvis which is why you feel it with different things you are doing.
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