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      AvatarMike Gregor


      I have been having issues with an over active left trap for a few years now, being a Climber and IT worker, it is hard to avoid some bad postural positions over time.
      I started following Mobilitywod a few months ago, and it is really helping me get this posture under control and teaching me a lot about normal body positions and ranges of motion. I feel like I am headed in the right direction, but would love some pointers on the particular issues I am having.
      So the issue as I experience it:
      Left shoulder is raised with over active upper trap which leads to painful neck from the top of the left scapular to the base of the skull, and referral pain between the scapular and spine on the left side. I also experience discomfort and feel stickyness  of the collar bone at the humerus on the left side, especially when going into an overhead position (Clicks). On a less frequent basis I get pain in the Teres Minor area.
      This pain most often occurs after activity, and will frequently keep me awake, surprisingly I find that my range of motion is not too badly limited, but I do wonder at what compromise.
      So far I have been trying the following:
      1. Smashing upper trap with lacrosse ball as per  14 day challenge, coupled with Double lacrosse ball mobilization of the thoracic.
      2. Exercises to try and restore curve of the neck, (locust position, bridges, Neck extensions)
      3. Physio exercises to activate lower traps (Prone Y)
      4. Neck/ upper trap stretches with left arm anchored down
      5. Rotator cuff and Lat Smash (plus overhead archetype smashes and stretches as per 14 day challenge) 
      I have been on this regime for a 5-6 weeks now, and am still experiencing fluctuations in symptoms,  with a lot of difficulty returning to activity (Climibing)
      I feel like I must be missing something, so any help appreciated.
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great to hear you are seeing some improvements in your situation and are addressing your posture as you implement mobility work.
      Have you used a supernivito (smaller supernova) in place of a lacrosse ball?
      When you are working on things are you able to breathe the whole time?
      If you are not able to breathe you are going too deep.

      Working up and down stream of the trap?
      As things start to resolve there may be a step back before a step ahead.
      You are unlearning one habit/position and establishing a new habit/position.
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