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      Met with a trainer yesterday to go through an FMS evaluation.

      He was very fond of Original Strength (OS). He gave me some homework and encouraged me to check out the OS website. I have and think there is some value in the OS methodology but I don’t know enough to make a firm statement about it one way or another.

      Just curious to know if anyone else has had any exposure to OS and what their feedback/thoughts are?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I just got wind of them also. I believe they are yet another system using natural movement as well as movement that we learned as babies but we have subsequently forgotten.

      I think it’s worth taking a look. It may be a little strange crawling and rolling around, but they actually stimulate and build basic movements pretty well.
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      That’s good to hear some positive feedback.

      What they teach makes sense, I just wish they could go into more detail about why it works. I tend to overthink things, and knowing all the theory behind a methodology always helps me.

      FYI – I had my FMS assessment on Monday. I scored a 2 on everything except for my OH squat, which I got a 1. Once I put my heels up on the 2×4 I could go all the way down ATG.

      For this first week he has me doing a few of the Original Strength exercises – rolling, rocking and basic crawling.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hmmm if you could go down in proper FMS squat form with the 2×4 under your heels, you should have scored a 2. here is the scoring criteria: http://graycookmovement.com/downloads/FMS%20Scoring%20Criteria.pdf

      for the tests with left and right sides, any differences in scores between the left and right sides, or same score on both sides? by any chance did you video your test? going back and checking for details is always nice with video.
      if you want to know more about the basic movements, see: http://www.functionalmovement.com/store/secrets_of_primitive_patterns. watch the video trailer on that page also.  there are a number of people doing this now for exercise and also rehab. MovNat is another big one for exercise, and there are guys in Europe doing something interesting rehab work at the Prague School: http://www.rehabps.com/REHABILITATION/Home.html.
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      Ah he said that I got a 1 because the rod I was holding overhead came forward too far.

      Shoulder mobility sides were off – also found a possible impingement on the left shoulder. And my ankle mobility in the right leg was 2″ vs 0.5″ in the left.

      I did not video the test 🙁 Wish I would have though.

      I’ll definitely have to check those out. Thanks for sharing.

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      re: deep squat

      if you could go down with 2×4 and hold rod in proper position, i believe you should have scored a 2. but the FMS isn’t about stressing about the points you get haha.  
      however the 2×4 does indicate some issue with the ankles as you have found, and as we have discussed in mwod circles.
      the FMS is great for giving you a target for smashing and mobs. now you can target your shoulders and the goal is to even them out, as well as the ankles – although that probably means a lot of work at the ankles and up the legs…
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      Avatar[email protected]

      ankles are the worst

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      AvatarCalvin Knor

      Just to clarify the DS standards for the FMS. If you squatted ATG with the 2×4, but your arms did not stay above your ahead (they fell forward) then the score is a 1. 

      Love the OS stuff btw. Perform the OS resets first and then smash calves, t-spine, etc. Who is the trainer you work with?
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      Carl Sipes is my trainer. He’s quite knowledgeable and he just ramped up my program last night.

      Holy crap is he working the hell out of my core! All good stuff though.  Between that program and a visit to my Chiro – my mobility on the volleyball court late last night was light years ahead of how I’ve been performing in the past.

      Can’t wait until I’m well conditioned for the new program.

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