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      AvatarAlisa Allen


      I hope this hasn’t been already covered in a thread, if it has, I couldn’t find it, sorry! 
      Anyway, in watching some of the videos, Kelly will present a few pieces, for example the daily Rx for Jan 26 2015.  My question is, does the order you do these pieces matter? For example, he first mobilizes the first rib with a ball, then works on internal rotation with the barbell on the anterior deltoid.  If you were to reverse the order of these would it matter? Are there some instances where it does matter and some where it doesn’t? 
      Basically, I’m trying to do a lot of mobility on my right shoulder, I had a rotator cuff injury (nothing too serious, prob caused by db shoulder pos after a couple weeks sick on the couch).  Anyway, is there an optimal order to mobilise for this, i.e lats, shoulder capsules, pecs, traps, 1st rib etc.  
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      I am not sure there is a specific order to body parts done. However, in general, I like to smash an area first before doing a stretch-type mobilization (ie. banded distraction), on the unproven subjective theory that smashing will increase the pliability of the tissue and then the stretch mob after will bring it to proper or a new length.  my thinking is that smashing after stretch mobs may cause the tissue to revert back to a shorter state due to a potential reaction to the pain in that area from smashing. but like i said – unproven and very subjective. hope this helps.

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      AvatarAlisa Allen

      Thanks David,  I suspected the same thing for the same reason, smashing the tissue to ‘loosen things up’ before ‘stretching’ to lengthen makes sense to me.  I think I may have read in BASL or heard Kelly talk about that before, or perhaps I’m imagining that!  I haven’t actually tried the reverse of that.  

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