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      AvatarMatthew Fuller

      My right ankle overpronate, probably as a result from many years of snowboarding and soccer. After watching the “rebuilding the feet” mwod’s and the foot/ankle webinar, I understand that this can be corrected within a one year time period. However, my right glute muscles are significantly weaker than the left (I have also been quad dominant for a while). So I thought I should focus on one-legged strength exercises, however I find it difficult to not collapse my ankle inwards when weight bearing on one leg, my knee drops in (valgus knee) and balance is bad.

      I was wondering if anyone had some good suggestions for unilateral strengthening exercises for the glutes, or cues that can help me with maintaining good form in foot/knee/hip? I fint that “screwing the feet into the ground” is harder when only one foot is on the ground. 
      Also, how often should I do the ankle/foot mwod’s per week/day? I did not hear any mention of this in the videos.
      Sorry if my english is not perfect, it is not my native language 🙂
      Thanks in advance for replies!
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