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      In this video Kelly refers to a “nasty bit” that I definitely have.  

      Would this nasty bit be referred to as an “impingement” because I don’t experience pain I just experience a wod of tissue that can not be accessed.  I am doing banded distraction IR laterally, posterior, and anterior.  Initially when I was working on IR I was cleaning it up, but now I have this last bit that I can’t seem to get.  Where I feel the nasty bit the most is in the olympic wall squat.  

      I’ve been addressing my adductors, but I can only seem to really hit them good is when I am on my back with a bar bell.  

      Since I don’t feel a radical pinch I am guessing I am just not hitting the corner correctly or executing banded lateral IR correctly?

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      Damn no takers?  I thought I cornered the issue.. 

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      AvatarNathan Richer

        hmm Roop showed me this adductor clean up:

        I’m personally a fan of using a Supernova on my adductors:

        also have you tried the ballerina (see about 1:33)?  

        you can also put a strap around the leg that is up and step on the other end to distract downward. or use a plate or weight on the ground.
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        Thanks David,  Yeah I am I putting 100% effort in doing pigeon pose and reverse ballerina on my desk through out the day.

        I also found that when laying in bench press mode I can feel my tfl /glute tightness — I just wish I could find a smash that would really address the issue.  I’ll try and do the Roop distraction/reverse ballerina and then tackle the tfl/glute with the supernova.  
        I’ve also been pressure waving with the battlestar on adductors (just wish it felt like the barbell.  I am working hard with the battlestar to replicate the feeling.  The barbell has such an even and smooth pressure and I think that is why it is effective.  It feels great as soon as I lift it off my adductors. 
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        AvatarNathan Richer

          you and i should be twins. i had the same TFL/adductor/glute issue on my left leg. it’s largely gone now, although i find my high left lateralis to be tight at times. that’s the last bit to solve on me.

          i did all those mobs/smashes that i described to you.  it took a while but everything finally calmed down once i got my adductors under control. i could smash up and down without tenderness and pain. there is a very little bit left at my hip/leg junction which i can’t quite get into.
          i just took a cool class in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization ( there are some techniques in there which i think will help remove my last bit of stubborn hip/lateralis tightness….
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