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      AvatarCharlie Steiner

      What are your thoughts on occlusion training? The flow restrition reminds of that aspect of voodoo flossing.

      I’m looking for mussle growth and whatever antiaging that is advertised on the tin.

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      I’m a big fan of occlusive training and have used it with quite a few clients. The research shows it can have profound impacts for muscle hypertrophy and cardiac output with low loads. Typically when we think of building muscle we use loads in the 70-90% range of a one rep max, however it has been repeatedly shown that with occlusive training low loads of 20-30% of a one rep max, can elicit similar hypertrophy results. However, traditional strength training is still king and occlusive training is not meant to replace it. I would typically use occlusive training if someone could not fully load their tissues due to injury/pain or as an accessory piece to incorporate some extra volume in training without having to use heavier loads.

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      AvatarCharlie Steiner

      Thanks for the reply Michael. Sorry for the late reply from me.

      Yeah, that is interesting. What equipment do you use for your clients?

      Maybe drop a suggestion to your website developers to auto subscribe to replies. But in the future I’ll make sure to click so I don’t miss anything.

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      I’ve used very expensive units with a built in Doppler to calculate blood pressure, blood pressure cuffs, and I’ve used voodoo bands. All work well. Personally for my workouts I just use voodoo bands.

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      AvatarCharlie Steiner

      Cool, I’ll give it a shot.


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