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      AvatarTeresa davis Davis

        Been having some numbness in first 3 fingers of each hand for a while.  Goes away when I stand up and get active but can get pretty nasty when sleeping.  About the time I noticed this i also noticed some constant numbness localized in the inside tip of my 3rd right finger. Pretty sure it gets worse when I do a lot of bench presses and overhead presses .  I’m fairly meaty up top (even for a crossfitter) and figured muscle may be impinging on the main nerves of both arms (for context, I can overhead press 200, bench 280).   Doc says carpal tunnel(i’m a computer guy) and suggested nighttime wrist braces.  They do seem to help.

        So i have been focusing on delt/shoulder/elbow mobility – flossing, distraction, and smashing the whole area from the wrists to shoulders.  Am I missing anything?  Not sure it’s helped much.  Only thing that seems impossibly tight is that armpit tendon conglomeration thingy.  I’ve about given up on making it supple.

         Also seem to be prone to bicep tendinitis.  Had some in left arm (both top and bottom at different times) . Took a 2-3 week active recovery vacation for each, then benched/curled progressively less lightly which healed it in both cases.  Now in the middle of my active recovery vacation for the right lower bicep:(… Hopefully that will also clear up.  
        Wonder if they’re related?  Thanks in advance my wonderful friends!!!! 
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        AvatarTom Matchinsky

          Jason, it may be time to do some focused work on the anterior neck, first rib and thoracic spine as well. You can find lots of videos on the Mobility WOD site. All the nerves to your hand pass through that anterior and side neck musculature before going under the first rib. Also, trigger points below the spine of the shoulder blade and severe upper back stiffness can contribute to hand numbness. Check there next.

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          AvatarRussell Holland

            Jason, I get this as well. I’ll often wake up with numb fingers or hands but managed to pretty much eradicate it once I smashed out the warzone of knots in my T spine, but particularly all throughout my high traps.

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            AvatarTeresa davis Davis

              Awesome. Thanks folks. I’ll give that a shot.

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