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      AvatarKen Jenkins

      Hi All

      I’ve read Desk Bound and am implementing some new ideas like walking bare foot and getting flat shoes vs my original 12mm drop Asics. My goal is to build up my arches and wean off orthotics. I’m 6’2/200lb and in average shape. Diagnosed w/plantar fascitis at 30. I’m 40 now.
      I bought some reebok cross fits (4mm drop) and they fit me well in terms of comfort. They are not tight anywhere. I love them.
      But I noticed my left big toe going numb. (Been trying to walk ‘correctly’ per DeskBound). 

      It seems to be the shoes w/o orthotics – it doesn’t seem to go numb if I leave the orthotics in.

      It goes away after I take the shoes off after wearing w/o orthotics
      I thought it was weird – does it sound odd? Does it seem my arches are somehow playing into the numbness?
      I have also done the toe spreading exercise but I don’t really think I over did it.

      Open to thoughts and scratching my head what to put on my feet!
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great that you are making changes with your foot position and working to wean off orthotics.
      12mm drop to a 4mm difference to do all at once.
      Your feet, calf may not be strong enough for a 4mm drop shoe.
      There could be stitching or something pressing on a nerve.

      Are you addressing the plantar fascitis?
      Episode 77: Plantar Fasciitis
      Episode 220: Lower Leg Business

      Have you seen the rebuilding your feet series?
      Pro Episode #3 – The Flat Feet Solution
      Rebuilding Your Feet With Brian MacKenzie
      Rebuilding The Feet, Part 2
      Rebuilding the feet, part 3

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      AvatarKen Jenkins

      Thanks Kaitlin for the response!

      Basically yes and yes. I’ve just found the Brian Mackenzie stuff and am working through it.
      And have done all the PF exercise I can in “DeskBound”. 
      I’ll have to check out all the others you suggested and continue to strengthen my feet and calves. 
      Also perhaps an 8mm drop might be a good next step (no pun 😉 intended)?
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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      How often are you working on the plantar fasciitis?
      Are you seeing improvements with it?

      Things can originate on the side of the calf with the soleus.
      Smashing the outside of your calf and along the outside of your lower leg.

      A couple others to check out:
      Does your big toe extend?
      If not, it restricts range of motion and tightens your fascia and it doesn’t recoil effectively.

      Are you glutes engaged?
      If not, foot contact time with the ground is changed.

      Weak psoas?
      In this case you claw the ground when walking. This irritates the fascia.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Another on plantar fasciitis from the Run Experience
      Have you had anyone look at your running technique?

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      AvatarKen Jenkins

      Thanks Kaitin – I’ve been at this about 6 weeks or so. I feel like I actually having an arch vs just a flat foot. I am thinking I will slow down the drop a bit and wait until I am more Leopard supple to make another jump. 

      I know all about the psoas – I try for runner’s lunge yoga pose and others – excellent suggestions!
      Thanks for all the links – I’ll consume those as well!!
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