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      AvatarAlex Daubon

      When trying to do the 2 hip openers with the band, my foot will start to go numb before I can clock in any decent amount of time on the stretch. It’s been a couple hours since and my foot/ankle/lower leg is still slightly numb. I’m a fit, healthy male in my early 20s. I’m pretty sure the band was in proper position, with posterior distraction. Any help or ideas? I wish I could camp out in these stretches but the numbness is worrisome. Thanks!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hmm did you try distraction out to the side instead of towards the back? is the band sitting as high up in the hip crease as possible?  try using a less strong band. are you using the green or black?

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      AvatarAlex Daubon

      Yes and yes. Green band. Foot gets numb even without using the band.

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      Are you in an organized position with your upper body& hips?
      Tight muscles in your low back may be pressing into the nerves that go to your lower leg/foot.
      A tight piriformis
      can compress or irritate the sciatic nerve which can cause numbness in the leg/foot.
      Pro Episode # 45 – Pro user Request Friday: The Dread Piriformis Syndrome (Like the Dread Pirate Roberts…but Different)

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      AvatarAlex Daubon

      What I got from that video was contract & relax, and stay organized – and yes I am to the best of my ability when doing the stretch. Just as Roop demonstrated in a recent DailyRX. Feet still go numb

      It’s actually depressing how my feet get numb in these hip stretches…

      I’ll try doing some lower back mobilizations from BASL before the hip stretches and see if they make a difference…

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      Sounds like a situation where something else is going on.
      It would be beneficial to have things evaluated and identify exactly what is going on.

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