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      AvatarRyan Riley

      Hi Guys!

      A friend managed to ‘pinch’ a nerve in their back? a few months ago whilst doing yoga. Since then they’ve been suffering from low back pain and a numb foot. They’ve tried physios and chiropractors and are getting very frustrated, depressed and upset about the complete lack of improvement. Pain is so bad they’re struggling sleeping etc. 
      However I think the yoga may have just been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Friend runs a lot.. struggles with flexibility and to get into a deep squat, does no strength work. They’ve been doing founder exercises, core exercises, nerve flosses etc as per their physios advice but no relief… I’m thinking it’s a sciatic nerve issue, general hip tightness, possible lack of glute strength/activation/core stability when running…
      Has anyone had anything similar and found anything that worked, or areas you would recommend addressing? (links to exercises/mobs would be appreciated)
      I’m thinking an MRI would be a good idea, however getting one of those ordered in NZ is a real drawn out pain in the ass process, you frustratingly have to go through all the other options first. 
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