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      Hi Guys. I just joined yesterday. The short story. One leg is giving me trouble whenever it is extended to the side or behind me. When I squeeze my glute, there is pain on the bottom of the glute, mostly the outer front of the upper quad, some also in the inner thigh and at the top of the hamstring and some evendown the outer edge further down the hamstring. Kind of all the way around the hip area. Yesterday, I started with marking pain in the hip. But it kind of goes all the way around. Any ideas what I should put for pain area or what could be the main cause? I think it’s a hip issue but don’t seem to have a huge problem until flexing the glute or abducting the leg.

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      I would start with the glute section. Pick 2-3 of the mobilizations and do a test-retest and see if they improve your symptoms after you’ve gone through the mobilizations.


      For example you could start with the glute smash, banded hamstring, and pigeon and see after performing these prescriptions if you find less pain with flexing glute or abducting the leg.


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